Secrets Untold

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This town is creepy
or at least the people here are.
There isnt a time a day that fights arent breaking out.
Its unfortunate that people make such a beautiful place unwelcoming to live in.
There is no darkness here at all.
The sun sets and the moon rises but the sky
gives lightness to the land.
Ive never seen the sky so undiscribeable, its colors and faintness
are unlike any other
Ive layed eyes on.
I wish you could see it through my eyes.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Poetry from the Past

Tears arise,
In the midst of an eye
Caused, by wild emotions.
It's held inside,
By an unstable analyzer- Trying to explain herself,
With a variety of descriptive words...
The scent of unfaithfulness bleeds,
She tastes it, from the scar inside her mouth.
Questioning, if it was due to the fact she was afraid,
From an everlasting kiss,
That one day,
Could be love.
The love she speaks of has no conclusion
Tis' a sunset- with no sunrise...
For her knight, in shining armor, did not come to her rescue.
But lonesome, she withered from his burden.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dear Me,

Extreme times, ask for extreme measures
The littlest things, hold lifes pleasures
One good deed, should recieve one back
Treat your elders with respect.
Never say never, keep an open mind
Try to see grey, not black nor white
Dont make an enemy, make a friend
Use please and thank you, learn from your lessons.
Have respect for others but more for yourself
Set goals in life and never give up
Believe in dreams, keep your elbows off the table
Give a 100%, stay positive, remain stable.
Depend on no one and know youll succeed
You may not get what you want, but you have what you need
Were all equal in different ways
Forgive, dont froget, be honest, be free.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


A Child deprived of his innocence,
A Child deprived of his life,
A Childless, Mother and Father
The Child, who bonded their lives.

The Children, who lost a Brother
And the Grand parents who lost a Grandson
They lost the tradition, when the Child died
That our Families name, would pass on.

Our family thou, near and far came this Childs day
We were reminded that this Child, was never Childless in anyway
For the love and care that this Child recieved, was from far and far between
The most fulfilling Childhood, that this innocent Child, ever could recieve.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Its unbelievable, how a mind turns on and off
Things are easily believed, in the darkest of holes.
Seeing the light, a blinding reality
The total eclipse, uncovers the soul.

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Well Im back from my 3 week vacation in Salt Lake City, Utah and man its good to be home. By far this is the most unforgettable trip yet!
My friend Matt picked me up from the airport and I stayed with him for the first couple of days. Well that very first weekend was the celebration for Utah becoming a state. We had all these plans that we had been planning for months and lets just say it sucked. We went to a casual bbq and watched the fireworks with his friend Shaggy and his ex Angel. They went to see the parade and I ended spending part of the weekend with my cousin David.
The last weekend of July was the celebration of my cousin Davids wedding. On Friday night we check into to our hotel and had a pre party party. Around 10pm about 30 people went to a bar called Green Street and when it closed we went back to our room. Frick did they drink. So in the room there was 7 of us! Me, my cousin David and 5 of our friends, Bobby, Dom, Bailey, Will and Johnny. Those bastards kept me up till 5 am and I was in charge of last minute wedding preparations so I was going crazy!
Well the boys ended up waking at 6am to go golfing as planned and I am one of those people who cant fall back asleep so I was exhasted. I was on the go at 7 am. I hopped in the shower, got ready and wrote out my agenda for the day so I would be somewhat organized. I had to go pick up supplies for the wedding, go get cash, exchange some last minute alterations on Bobbys suit, go buy shoes and get my hair done. By the time I was finished I was late getting back to the hotel to set up by 45 min.
Sure enough when I got there we couldnt start setting up cause there was a meeting on the connecting side, which put me in a a real panic. Obviously we did what we could and we were told that we would be able to get in and started in 20 min. Which really meant that, that was the only time I had to get ready. So I bolted upstairs got ready in 15 min and was on the go. I didnt end up getting all of it done by the time the ceremony started and on top of that I was late going in. Once Lisa, the bride and her father walked done the eisle... I waited to scurry in once the minister asked everyone to take a seat. David and Lisa ended up writing their own vows and Ive never seen a room in so many tears, it was very emotional. After it was done I had to rush back to the other side to finish all the details! And I literately finished 5 min before we opened the doors. And you know what I did for that 5 min? I went and had a god damn cigarrette!!!
Anyways, dinner was served shortly after and I was sitting at table 13 next to Bobbys date, Natalie. She deciede to bluntly inform me that 24-48 hrs ago she had a lump removed from her breast. So.... hows the food or should I say the beverages? Out of no where she just slamming back white, red wine and champaign like water. Then out of no where she went from having a normal conversation to screaming and yelling... it was... somethin else. Probably 30 min after that she was half way on the table hovering and passing out. Bobby was with her and he quietly asked me to get the room key so we could take her upstairs. She was ruff.
While she had her hair stuck in the toilet Bobby pulled me aside to explain the situation. On top of surgery she hadnt eaten in 24-48 hrs either. Apparently he asked her to go a long time ago and she didnt want to dissapoint him cause she likes him. She normally takes pain killers but it would have made her unable to attend, so she started to drink instead to ease the pain. I told Bobby I would look after her for awhile and he should make an appreance so people wouldnt wonder where he was at. And like I mentioned to Bobby , I helped stopped the vomitting, got her temperature and pulse back to normal and sleeping by the time he came back up.
I on thee toher hand was not in the greatest mood after that, i changed into khakis and a dress top then headed downstairs. Later on I did some dancing and that was the end of the night. I ended up grabbing a bun for Natalie to nibble on incase she was hungry. When we got upstairs, me and the guys she was awake. I decided that I had to shower before I went to bed cause of the shit in my hair. Then Natalie says its no big deal its just hairspray! So I said yeah and yours is only puke. Shes like no theres not! Maybe thats because I was the one holding your hair, while your head was stuck in the toilet!
You know before this all happened I thought Bobby brought her so he can take care of her. And the more I thought about my cousin David and this night, I just didnt have the heart to not do anything. And if it had been some other bimbo, I wouldnt have cared as much, but the fact that it was Bobby too, I couldnt just watch the poor girl. So that was that.
My last weekend was by far the best. I went to mom, dad and Geoffs on Thursday. Theyre like my second family and Ive known them for many long years! On Friday we had to do a kereoke show so that was fun. And Saturday was the big show! Geoff is the top DJ in Utah, he got to play with 6 of the countries best and 4 international artists. The night before his friend Moses helped him write an original track which ended up being the highlight of the night, I am so proud of him. As for me I was hired to do the dancers makeup among other things. I worked my ass off, and it paid off cause next time they host another event Im being flown round trip first class, all accomidations and expenses paid, not including the sick money Ill make too!
By far this was the most sucessful night for both Geoff and I. We met alot of business contacts and hope to perhaps work with them in the near future, and who knows we may start a business of our own. But either way no matter what happens this will be a trip to remember!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wow, I Finally Did It!

Ive known this guy Geoff for many years and Ive always had the hots for him! This isnt the same guy that lives in the states, but he does live outside the city. Anyways I met him in highschool and we actually dated for a few months, but it didnt work out cause neither of us had any
means of transportation.
Im the type of person who likes to keep in contact with old friends, so I called him once in awhile to catch up on things. Well a few months ago I started to hang out with another old friend Barry, who was Geoffs old friend as well. We were all in the same crew. So sure enough I went to Barrys house to meet up with some other members of the crew.....
After having a few drinks we hit the town. Infact we hit all three bars or pubs I should say within a 5 block radius. Sure enough we finally settled down at one and guess who comes waltzing in... all of a sudden my stomach was turning with a tornado of butterflies.
Its weird cause everytime I see Geoff I get like that, and its only with him. Its not like I stop liking him, but just forget cause its been so long. Does that make any sense? Anyways Ive asked him to come out on several occassions but he
always has an excuse.
One of them is he really hates the city, Ive known that for years. But if your friends with someone you see them reguardless. The other is hes always busy... working, going to lake, BMXing, 4x4ing... theres always something. Hes like me.... hates to be bored but the fact is you make the time.
For awhile now I keep saying I like him but Im giving up. The truth is I havent made up my mind at all. Everyone keeps telling me that I should just tell him, that why at least Id know... but I was chicken shit.
Well that has all changed and I took a chance! People who know me know that Im a risk taker! and I read a little too much into my horoscopes sometimes. Silly as this sounds, I just got fed up of not talking to him and when I read my horoscope, I decided it was now or never.
This is what I read for today: Scorpio. After anguishing over what to do for far too long, youve finally realized that just letting the situation out into the
open might be the best first step you could possibly think of. If youre game,
do it now. Youll not only feel better once its all out, youll also be able
to relax and stop worrying about when that next anxiety attack might kick in.
And isnt that in itself enough of a reason to celebrate.
Ok heres the scoop... I called him at work and asked him if he had any plans this weekend. I completely forgot that this weekend is the race and of course Geoff has tickets. So I just said, "Im leaving to the states this Wednesday and I figured that since I wasnt going to be around for your birthday, that maybe, I could convince you to come out for a birthday dinner."
And thats exactly how it went! I admit that I actually feel alot better and I dont care, if I dont buntly say I like him. Cause the fact that I did it, to me-
kinda says it all.